Fitch Announces Third Phase of Its Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative

Attorney General Lynn Fitch announced the third phase of Be The Solution, her statewide education and awareness campaign aimed at empowering everyday Mississippians to help identify, report and stop to human trafficking in Mississippi. The phase three expansion is a continuation of Fitch’s human trafficking initiative, with a focus on developing training and reporting tools for medical professionals, mental health and child advocacy.

“Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar international criminal enterprise that can unfortunately be seen in communities across Mississippi,” Fitch said. “I remain committed to preventing trafficking in Mississippi and helping victims recover without shame or blame, and that will require a statewide network of partners trained, equipped and ready to help.” I am proud to launch the third phase of Be The Solution and partner with these top industry professionals in our great state.

In 2021, Fitch launched the first phase of Be The Solution, focusing on training truck and school bus drivers to spot and report trafficking and alerting the public on how to report trafficking in public places such as gas stations, truck stops and the state. reception centers.

The second phase, which began in 2023, aimed to transform ordinary Mississippians who work in the utility, agriculture and gaming industries into extraordinary heroes by distributing training resources to help detect and report human trafficking. Human being. Phase three partners include the Mississippi Departments of Mental Health, Health and Child Welfare, as well as the Mississippi Medical Association, Mississippi Nurses Association and Mississippi Child Advocacy Centers .

In addition to this public awareness campaign, Fitch’s Human Trafficking Investigations Unit has certified more than 460 law enforcement officers across the state, creating a network of agents trained who have engaged in over 55 multi-jurisdictional operations. Thanks to these operations, they made 86 arrests and recovered more than 330 victims, including 21 minors. Fitch also manages the State Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation and has distributed $4.5 million to victim service organizations throughout Mississippi.

For more information about Be The Solution and General Fitch’s other anti-trafficking initiatives, click HERE.