Community group restores appeal to East Liverpool, Ohio

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – A new community group, the East Liverpool Beautification Society, aims to beautify the city.

“It has to be inviting. It has to look clean and nice,” said group member Janie Smith.

For months now, the East Liverpool Beautification Society has been on a mission.

“People can say things about a small hometown. This city brings people together and supports people, it’s amazing,” Smith said. “We want to change the perception of our city because it’s a beautiful place to live. »

“We wanted to do things to beautify the city. Make it beautiful in summer, in winter, at Christmas,” she said.

The new group is starting from scratch. Currently, it is funded entirely by donations and is in the process of establishing itself as a 501-C.

“But the good thing is that the citizens are very eager to bring our city back to what we know it can be,” Smith said.

Group members got their hands dirty cleaning flower beds and repainting fire hydrants.

They are now aiming to restore the city center’s lamp posts, refinishing each of the 200 individual poles with a fresh coat of paint.

They have also teamed up with East Liverpool and Calcutta Garden Club to tackle projects this summer.

“We couldn’t do this without everyone.” It took all of us to accomplish what we have accomplished so far,” Smith said.

The group estimates the streetlight project will cost about $10,000.

For those who would like to help the group clean up the city, the East Liverpool Beautification Society is accepting donations.

“We love our city and we know what it can be, we know what it was and it was. It’s our goal to once again become something people want to come back to.