Carjacking and theft defendant offered plea deal but no release

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Before Washington Superior Court Judge Jennifer Di Toro, a defendant in a carjacking and robbery case discussed a plea deal but remains in custody.

Michael Allen Hines, 36, is charged with unarmed carjacking for his alleged involvement in a carjacking incident that occurred March 28 at a gas station in the 900 block of Brentwood Road, NE.

He is also charged with armed robbery for his alleged involvement in a March 22 incident at a gas station in the 400 block of Rhode Island Avenue, NE.

According to eyewitnesses and police statements, the suspect – later identified as Hines in both incidents – first demanded money from the victims before escalating the situation.

Prosecutors say the suspect strangled the victim during the carjacking and threatened the robbery victim with a knife. Hines was identified by police as also being involved in two other robberies.

The prosecution alerted Judge Di Toro that it had extended a deal, which required Hines to plead guilty to carjacking, three counts of theft, as well as indecent exposure and lewd acts, in a unrelated matter. If Hines pleads guilty, the prosecution will not seek an indictment.

Defense attorney Adam Harris requested additional time to review the plea agreement and discuss it with Hines.

Hines then presented a letter he had written to Judge Di Toro requesting his release. However, Judge Di Toro rejected this request.

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