Credit card problems can also originate from credit card companies.

I have several credit cards managed by CitiBank. I received an email from a gas card (which I’ve had for a few decades) stating that “our records indicate that we are missing information on one or more authorized users on your account.” When I logged in, it turned out they wanted dates of birth and our physical address (I use a PO Box exclusively for all business accounts). They also wanted to know everyone’s dates of birth.

I called the customer service number and was told they must have the physical address. I asked to speak to a supervisor (how very Karen of me!), and he told me that this information was required by “the Credit Card Act and the Patriot Act.” I’ve never heard of “the credit card law”, and the Patriot Act has been in effect since 2001, and they’ve never needed that information before.

I’m pretty sure they want this information sold to marketers. I told them I wasn’t going to give them the information. I don’t know if anyone else had heard this, but I thought I’d report it to the Kossacs.