Farnham Town: club launches crowdfunding appeal for new stand

Image source, Farmham Town FC

Legend, Farnham Town has planning permission for a terrace to replace a grass embankment

  • Author, Bob Dale
  • Role, BBC News, South East

A football club which has gone an entire season unbeaten in its league is celebrating promotion by raising money for a new stand.

Farnham Town join the Isthmian South Central League next season after finishing the Combined Counties Premier Division South 29 points clear of their nearest rivals.

Earlier this year it gained planning approval for a 210-capacity standing terrace at its Memorial Ground stadium.

The club, which already has £25,000 for the new stand, is aiming to raise a further £25,000 through a GoFundMe appeal.

Club manager Harry Hugo said the team’s success on the field had forced work at the Memorial Ground.

He said: “We might have fans standing on the grass bank that is the Clock End and looking over the pitch… but (with) the level we are playing at next year due to promotion , It is not possible.

“We need something much stronger than just a turf bench for league rules and this is our opportunity to achieve that.”

He said fans who donate £50 will have their name printed on a brick in the stand.

For £10,000, a business can sponsor the naming rights to the stand for the first three years.

“You could also invest £1,000 as a fan and get a 10-year subscription, which would cost around £2,200,” Mr Hugo said.

Image source, James Clark

Legend, Farnham Town were unbeaten in the league in the 2023/24 season

Although the target is £50,000, Mr Hugo said more money would be needed.

He said: “Fifty thousand dollars will cover the possibility of then getting a grant from the Football Foundation, who normally give another 50-70 per cent.

“We’ll probably need £80,000 to £90,000.”

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