Former Federal Credit Union employee convicted in financial fraud case

A former Jessup federal credit union employee who used his role to commit financial fraud has been sentenced.

HOWARD COUNTY, MD โ€” A 30-year-old Jessup man has been sentenced to prison for his role in a financial fraud.

According to evidence presented during his four-day trial, Jalen Craig McMillan used his position at a federal credit union to open accounts in the names of identity theft victims and conduct financial transactions, including opening loans. As detailed at trial and in court documents, co-defendant Archie Paul and his co-conspirators obtained, possessed and used false identities and the personal information of real people that Paul and co-defendant John Fitzgerald Washington used to create fake documents showing personal information. information about the victims, but photographs of other people, according to court documents.


Paul, co-defendant Tiffany Rainel Williams and others then used the false documents to pose as the victims and, with the assistance of McMillan and others, opened bank accounts and conducted financial transactions in their names , in particular by making large withdrawals from the victims’ accounts. ยป said the prosecution.

In addition to conspiracy and bank fraud charges, McMillan was convicted of aggravated identity theft for providing a bank customer’s identifying information to Paul, knowing it would be used in connection with the fraudulent scheme, prosecutors noted.

Trial evidence proved the conspirators intended to fraudulently obtain more than $400,000 from the bank and succeeded in defrauding the bank of more than $150,000, according to court documents.

Co-defendants Paul Archie, aka Carter Hill and Zion Davis, 31, of Laurel, Maryland; John Fitzgerald Washington, 52, of Waldorf, Maryland; and Tiffany Rainel Williams, 37, of Glenarden, have already pleaded guilty to their roles in the conspiracy and are awaiting sentencing.

McMillan was sentenced to 54 months in federal prison, five years of supervised release and ordered to pay restitution of $165,891.68.