Naam AI caller ID app improves security and privacy without accessing contacts

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) organized the AI ​​Gamechangers Award as part of the annual GPAI Summit. Startups have demonstrated cutting-edge advancements in developing safe and secure AI.

During the GPAI Summit 2023, researchers presented the Naam project. Naam is an innovative AI-powered caller ID app designed to help users identify unknown calls and spammers without syncing their contact lists. Unlike other caller ID solutions, Naam does not collect user data such as phone contacts and SMS messages for caller ID. Instead, it relies on public data and advanced AI technology to provide accurate caller ID while maintaining user privacy.


Naam leverages cutting-edge AI solutions to transform data from various public sources, enabling users to make informed decisions about their communications. The main mission of the application is to create a safe, secure and reliable communication environment. Naam offers a range of advanced features, including call blocking, spam detection and scam identification, giving users greater control over their communication experiences.

Impact of the problem

Spam and scam calls are significant problems in India. According to a TRAI report, more than 60% of Indians receive at least three spam calls daily. This problem is worsening with the increasing digitalization of the country and the penetration of smartphones. Existing solutions are not yet effective in meeting these challenges.

Naam aims to solve the following problems:

  • Spam: In India, two out of three people receive spam and scam calls every day.
  • Scams: Protection against identity theft scams.
  • Deepfake fraud: Alert users of their lost identity on the Internet.
  • User Data Breach and Privacy Issues: Guarantee user privacy by not synchronizing contacts and SMS data.

Naam differs from existing caller ID apps in several key differentiators:

  • No reliance on user feedback: Naam does not rely on user feedback for spam detection, a limitation of current solutions. These solutions often experience delays in identifying spammers and may require more information about the spammer.
  • Reinforcement Learning: The app uses reinforcement learning and analyzes user behavior to identify spammers, achieving an impressive accuracy rate of 82%.
  • Localized Understanding: Naam is the only Indian app available in nine languages ​​(English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi). It uses natural language processing (NLP) to allow users to interact with the application in their preferred language.
  • Data Privacy: Naam prioritizes user privacy and data security by not syncing users’ contacts and SMS messages, unlike other caller ID apps that rely on these data.


Naam offers a suite of advanced features designed to improve the security of user communications:

  • Spam detection and call blocking
  • Identifying scams
  • Identity theft protection
  • Caller ID
  • AI contact search engine
  • Vernacular language support (in nine major Indian languages)

Impact created

Naam solves critical problems of spam and scam calls, identity theft and user data privacy with its unique AI-powered approach and commitment to data security. By offering localized support and advanced features, Naam empowers users to take control of their communications experiences without compromising their privacy.

The research team

  • Arpit Tak (co-founder and CEO),
  • Ramesh Choudhary (co-founder)

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