Interview: Jude Law and Alicia Vikander Discuss ‘Firebrand’ Acting Appeal

Anytime you can see two talented actors battling against each other with their craft, it’s an exciting proposition. Watching Brandon (review coming this week after its Tribeca Festival salute), we can’t help but be struck by Jude Loi And Alicia Vikander. Both are capable of captivating performances and can shine in the film. With it about to hit theaters this weekend, I hopped on Zoom earlier in the week with the two of them to talk about the film (or in Vikander’s case, our second conversation, as I was talking to him about the film). Blue bayou here about three years ago). Today, this discussion is available to you.

Below you can hear my short conversation with Law and Vikander. In the little time we have left, I wanted to talk about how Brandon The co-stars have both been sought-after stars for almost every leading role, but still manage to be picky. Here they found roles they had never played before, with sparks. They were very interested in the type of questions, so we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. If you’re a fan of one or both of them, you’ll be delighted with their grand tours here. They go at it, in a way that highlights them quite nicely.

Now here is my interview with Brandon stars Jude Law and Alicia Vikander. Appreciate:

Firebrand is in theaters this weekend!