Defend the rule of law – Chief Justice Torkornoo

Chief Justice Gertrude Sackey Torkornoo Chief Justice Gertrude Sackey Torkornoo

Chief Justice Gertrude Sackey Torkornoo reiterated the need for the country to uphold the rule of law to drive development.

She also challenged students to awaken their spirit of excellence in their commitment to the principles of law. The Chief Justice made this declaration when she administered the oath of office to six elected officers of the Justice Club of Accra High School in Accra.

The officers of the Club are Abdul Razak, President; Karen Boakye, vice-president; Edna Danaah, secretary; Seraphina Gogo, assistant secretary for organization; Ezra Osei Anderson, treasurer; and Angela Sedinam, assistant treasurer.

Justice Clubs aim to instill an appreciation of constitutionality and legality among their members.

They are part of the Chief Justice Mentoring Program, which was established about 16 years ago. The Chief Justice said the clubs were designed to orient students on the rule of law and help them navigate the complex but interesting world of law.

According to the Chief Justice, the promises of law in any society include justice, fairness, order, peace and prosperity. She congratulated the elected leaders, stressing that their election was no small feat.

Professor Olivia Anku-Tsede, Chairperson of the Chief Justice Mentoring Program, said she was delighted that through the program, two women carriers would pursue higher education at the University of Ghana and the Technical University of Ghana. Accra.

Professor Anku-Tsede was optimistic that the Justice Club would help students address social issues, develop life skills and promote a culture of inclusion and respect.

“We hope that the Justice Club will serve as the foundation of a platform where students will meet and deliberate on issues arising from and related to the set of rules and regulations that dictate the way of living and conducting social, family activities , economic and professional life,” she said.

She mentioned that Justice Club members should participate in the next moot court competition.

Evelyn Sogbil Nabia, principal of Accra High School, was delighted that her school, with a population of 2,384, was chosen as one of the schools to host a justice club. Ms Nabia said the Justice Club would enable students to avoid crimes and understand the basics of justice.

Abdul Razak, president of the Justice Club of Accra High School, thanked his colleagues for the confidence reposed in them.

He said members of the Club were committed to upholding the principles on which the Club was established and to striving for excellence at school and in their communities.