People of Karnataka will reject Congress again in polls, says Vijayendra

BJP State President BY Vijayendra

BJP State President BY Vijayendra

MYSURU: State BJP president BY Vijayendra on Sunday said the people of Karnataka, who rejected the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections, will again say no to the Congress in the bypolls to be held for the seats in the Assembly vacated by elected deputies.

He said the strategies of the Congress and Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar will not work and the Congress, which claims to have increased its number of Lok Sabha seats from one to nine, should know that the BJP has taken the leading in 146 Assembly constituencies.

On Chief Minister Siddaramaiah clarifying that the safeguards will continue even if he is not the CM, Vijayendra said the Congress was solely dependent on the safeguards to win the elections but it had been rejected by the people.

He said the demand to appoint three to four deputy chief ministers shows that morale and confidence in the Congress camp has taken a hit.

Criticizing the government for increasing prices of petrol and diesel, he claimed that prices of all commodities, including seeds and fertilizers, had gone up and industrialists were leaving Karnataka.

Vijayendra said the Congress government is extorting money from the common man and compared it to giving coins as alms to a blind beggar and stealing currency notes from him. On one hand, the state government is giving freebies to the people, while on the other, it is increasing fuel prices, taxes, stamp duty and registration, he explained .

“People are disappointed with the policies of the state government. Seed prices have increased by 40-50%, putting farmers in distress,” he added.