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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A man is in jail tonight after he messed up and discovered how seriously police took his Facebook post threatening to shoot random people.

Derrick White, 24, faces a terrorism charge.

Pastor Reginald Tucker said fear was his immediate thought after seeing and hearing about this viral Facebook post from Huncho Cinco.

Police said Derrick White was accused of writing the post.

Police said he wrote that he wanted to commit a violent and deadly act, stating, “I’m about to shoot a Zeek.”

Investigators said White was referring to the actions of Ezekiel Kelly who, in 2022, drove through Memphis shooting six people, killing three.

Kelly also took to Facebook with his violent plans that put the city on lockdown for several hours.

“Man, this is the best thing, because the last time this happened in town I was in Orange Mound and it was a ghost town,” Tucker said.

Police said White wrote in the threatening message: “Please don’t get caught out in my way tonight.”

Memphis police said after learning of the message, officers with the organized crime unit located the suspect.

“Well, you know really, my heart goes out to this young, young man because he’s a young individual. He will waste a lot of time in life.

“But maybe if he’s successful here, maybe he can see that there are different ways of solving problems and help other kids see his different ways of solving problems,” Tucker said.

According to the Facebook account, before his arrest there was a post stating that this post was not meant to be considered a threat and that he was fine.

“Well, I don’t think that’s a very good joke,” Tucker said.

Officers said White also had an arrest warrant for aggravated assault.

White will face a judge tomorrow morning at 201 Poplar Ave.

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