Gringo Review – Charlize Theron ill-served by a lifeless crime

Impressive stunts and occasional flashes of wit can’t save this tense comedy-drama starring Theron, David Oyelowo and Thandie Newton.

Stuntman-turned-director Nash Edgerton takes the lead in this international crime film, one that aspires and strives to be liked – there are some good lines and some very impressive stunts.

The director’s brother, Joel, plays Richard Rusk, a crooked and obnoxious pharmaceutical executive who runs a secret Mexican cannabis pill factory from his American base in agreement with the terrifying local cartels. Charlize Theron produces the film and plays a disturbingly humorless role as Elaine, Rusk’s super sexy and ruthless lover, while David Oyelowo does his best as Harold, the likably innocent and trusting Nigerian of the office that our dastardly duo intends to play. make the scapegoat for their illegalities. Thandie Newton is wasted in the uninteresting and ungallant written role of Bonnie, Harold’s wife.