WestJet mechanics reject deal, ‘deeply concerning,’ says airline president

Back to the negotiating table.

The union that represents mechanics WestJet says its members voted overwhelmingly to reject a tentative deal with the airline.

THE Fraternal Association of Aeronautical Mechanicswhich represents some 670 aviation maintenance engineers and other specialist positions within the airline, revealed on Tuesday (June 11) that around 97 percent of its members had voted against the deal.

WestJet says outcome does not affect operations, but company president Diederik pen called the outcome “deeply concerning after a long and difficult negotiation process with the union.”

“The tentative agreement was fair, offered substantial improvements and would have made them the highest paid aircraft maintenance engineers in the country. It also reflects our commitment to meeting their priorities, while balancing what is financially viable for our business,” Pen wrote in a statement.

The union cited wages, outsourcing, hours and layoff protection as sticking points in negotiations.

The two sides reached a tentative agreement on May 6, two days after WestJet issued a 72-hour lockout notice to mechanics following the announcement of a strike vote.

Pen said WestJet is committed to meeting with AMFA to determine next steps.

“It is important to realize, however, that the financial scope of the first agreement in principle must remain intact,” Pen said. “Our goal remains to find a viable and reasonable path forward. »

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