Disturbing moment: Grocery store worker attacked by shoplifters who ram him with cart and beat him as he tries to escape

SHOCKING surveillance footage captured the moment a grocery store worker was attacked after trying to stop a suspected shoplifter.

Police are now searching for a group of people who attacked a Ralphs employee on Monday in Encino, California, a neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Police are searching Monday for three suspects involved in an assault on a Ralphs employee.Credit: KTLA5
One of the suspects punched the employee seconds after approaching him.Credit: KTLA5

The attack reportedly took place around 4:45 p.m., Fox affiliate KTLA-TV reported.

Two videos of the attack were taken from different angles, one showing three people, a woman and two men, entering the store and approaching a male and female employee.

After only a few seconds, one of the men punches the employee and the two briefly fight out of the camera’s view.

However, the fight returns, showing the male employee being attacked by several suspects.

Another angle shows the employee dodging and trying to run away from the suspects after the first punch.

At one point, one of the suspects pushed a shopping cart toward the employee.

An employee who provided the video to KTLA told the outlet the incident began earlier in the day.

The worker in the video stopped a young woman from stealing bags full of products.

“A few hours later, the woman returned with the men seen in the video. “We are deeply saddened by a senseless act of violence that took place yesterday at our Ralphs store in Encino,” a Ralphs spokesperson said in a statement.

“Safety remains one of our core values ​​and is a top priority. We are working in full cooperation with local law enforcement to support their ongoing investigation and identify the suspect(s).”

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A Los Angeles spokesperson Police The department said officers arrived at the scene but did not confirm any other details.

It is unclear whether the employee was injured as a result of the attack.


According to a business expert, the increase in store thefts has created a feeling of insecurity among workers, making it more difficult to hire additional employees.

“In fact, I have sometimes witnessed thefts when I was in the local supermarket. So I know the impact on the community is that it’s difficult, especially for people. small business owners, because they’re losing inventory,” LaShawn Lukes, president of the Chamber of Commerce in Hempstead, New York, told Newsday.

“…Also, it’s a two-sided situation because it’s now difficult to hire employees because they don’t feel safe.”

Authorities and retail analysts have pointed to understaffing in stores, an increase in self-checkouts and the high cost of living as causes of widespread thefts.

Employee attacked at Ralphs

Three suspects were involved in an attack on a Ralphs employee after the employee stopped them from stealing.

The suspects ran after the attack and police are now searching for them.

Witnesses were able to take photos of the car the suspects left her in, but police have not shared any details at this time.

The LAPD has not released a statement or update on the investigation.

Last month, a Walmart Greeter was attacked by an angry customer over a check receipt.

Vincent Battaglia, 68, was checking receipts at a store in High Point, North Carolina, when Trevon Waden, 27, allegedly punched him in the eye, according to a police report.

Waden and his girlfriend Tomeisha Robbs, 28, were later arrested at their home.

Police say Robbs became upset when Battaglia asked to see his receipt before telling her boyfriend to “take care of himself,” prompting the attack.

The couple was charged with misdemeanor assault while Waden was also charged with failure to appear in court regarding an unrelated matter.

The US Sun has contacted Ralphs and the LAPD for comment.

At one point, one of the suspects hit the worker with a shopping cart.Credit: KTLA5
It is not known if the worker was injuredCredit: KTLA5