The court orders the definitive confiscation of the 20 properties and 10 vehicles of the Eze brothers for the benefit of FG

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has recovered billions of naira in assets from two brothers, Olisaebuka Eze and Onyeka Nnadozie Eze, following a court ruling.

The assets, including 20 properties, 10 vehicles and three luxury wristwatches, were forfeited to the Federal Government, according to an EFCC statement issued on Monday.

The brothers were accused of stealing billions of naira and millions of dollars from a petitioner, Arthur Eze, through fraudulent means.

The EFCC investigation revealed that the brothers used the stolen funds to acquire the properties and assets, which have now been recovered.

In a final confiscation ruling by a panel of three judges, the Abuja Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal filed by the brothers and upheld the final confiscation of the properties, vehicles and other items for the benefit of ‘Arthur Eze, the nominal petitioner, as presented. by the Commission’s lawyer, Ibrahim Buba.

The properties, all located in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, were found by the court to have been acquired through the proceeds of the crimes committed against Arthur Eze.

The properties and items which Justice Modupe Osho-Adebiyi of the FCT High Court, sitting in Gudu, Abuja, had in April 2022 ordered to be permanently forfeited to the petitioner, include:

– A seven bedroom duplex on Plot 1772, Cadastral Area B06, Mabushi District, FCT, Abuja, located at No. 5 Ifeanyi Araraume Street, Mabushi, Abuja;

– Parcel no. 621, cadastral zone B07 in Katampe district with file no. JG 10188;

– Nine units of two-bedroom apartments located at Plot 375 off Ameyo Adadovah Way, Kado District, Abuja;

– A three bedroom terrace duplex located at Brookhouse Residence, Karsana District, FCT, Abuja;

– Land No. AHE540 in the Lugbe AMAC subdivision measuring 1,500 m²;

– Land No. 285, measuring 1,589.28 m² in Cadastral Area E23, Kyami District, Abuja;

– Land No. R9530AA, measuring 1,000 m², located at Traders Layout 3, Gwagwalada Area Council, Abuja (listed twice).

Other properties include:

– Land No. XK1057, measuring 800 m², located at Apo Layout, AMAC, FCT, Abuja;

– A land with RofO with file no. AN 69550 dated 28/10/2012 in Kyami district, Abuja;

– Land No. 0844 in NAF Valley Estate, Asokoro, Abuja, measuring approximately 1316.79 m²;

– Land no. 188, cadastral zone E12 of Orozo, measuring 875 m².

Items include:

– A red Oulm wristwatch, Japan Move 3377 steel back;

– A gold-colored Just Bling JB-6116 wristwatch;

– A gold Piaget wristwatch with serial number. 8066-639333.

The vehicles are:

– A Toyota Camry model 2014/2016;

– A 2014 Toyota Camry model;

– A Toyota Highlander;

– A 2013 Honda Accord model;

– A Mercedes Benz GLE 2015 model;

– A Toyota Tundra with chassis number STFRYF17EX171601 and a spare car key;

– A Toyota Avalon registered number RSH111;

– A Honda Civic registered number YAB58EN;

– A Mercedes Benz C 400 registered no. KWL43A5;

– A Kia SUV.

Dissatisfied with the High Court’s order, the brothers separately appealed to the Court of Appeal, asking that the order be set aside.

However, in the Court of Appeal judgment read by Justice HA Barka, the Court of Appeal held that the two men had not satisfactorily proven that they had rightfully acquired the properties and all relevant items .

According to Judge Barka, the appellants have not presented the court with any material enabling it to modify the findings of the lower court.

The court further held that the appeal was without merit and dismissed it accordingly.

The path to final forfeiture began in 2020 when the EFCC received a petition from Arthur Eze, alleging theft, criminal misappropriation and money laundering against the first respondent, Olisaebuka Eze, who was the administrative agent of his company , Oranto Petroleum Ltd.

According to Arthur Eze, Olisaebuka Eze, in connivance with his brother Nnadozie Eze, allegedly stole money running into billions of naira and millions of dollars, which they used to acquire properties in Abuja and Enugu .

Following the investigation, the Commission arrested Olisaebuka Eze and his brother, Nnadozie Eze, and froze their bank accounts following court orders.

In a bid to challenge the action taken against them, the respondents filed suit at the FCT High Court, Apo, before Justice SB Belgore, seeking respect for their fundamental rights.

At the end of the hearing, Justice Belgore found that the Commission had violated the fundamental rights of the respondents and awarded N10 million damages in their favor. The Commission, through its lawyer, Buba, challenged the decision of the Court of Appeal, which reversed the decision of the lower court and held that the Commission’s detention of the respondents and freezing of their accounts was intended for investigative purposes and were duly supported by court decisions.

The Court of Appeal further awarded N500,000 against the respondents in favor of the EFCC.

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