Redwood City employee threatened with knife during robbery: police

Police allege the man robbed a 7-Eleven store and threatened an employee with a knife when he tried to intervene.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — A Redwood City man is accused of robbing a convenience store and threatening an employee with a knife over the weekend.

In a news release Tuesday, the Redwood City Police Department said the employee called 911 shortly after noon Saturday from a 7-Eleven on 5th Avenue. The clerk told police a man entered the store and took items without paying. When the employee confronted the man, he said the suspect pulled out a large knife.


The clerk returned to the store to call 911 while the man fled. Officers responded to the scene and notified the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office of the incident. Shortly afterward, officers arrested a man near the scene, whom the victim and a witness identified as the suspect. Police said a knife and stolen items were found nearby.

The man was booked into Maguire Correctional Facility on suspicion of armed robbery and violating his probation.