We will reject the finance bill with its punitive taxes – Wandayi

Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi has made it clear that the opposition will not support the 2024 Finance Bill if it retains what he described as punitive taxes.

Wandayi said they were ready and waiting for the bill next week, saying they would totally oppose it if the finance committee report did not align with the demands of Kenyans and the party leader , Raila Odinga.

“If they come back to Parliament next week and listened to the cries of Kenyans and the demands of Raila Odinga by removing the punitive taxes in the bill, we will talk about it. But if they come back with these punitive taxes still intact , we will. say a resounding no and vote no.”

Speaking in Siaya on Tuesday, Wandayi called on members of the Kenya Kwanza government who have publicly opposed the finance bill to show solidarity.

He said they should come out on voting day in Parliament to oppose the bill if it still contained punitive taxes.

“We want to appeal to our colleagues in the Kenya Kwanza government, to those who spoke at the funeral and who claim to oppose this finance bill. The time of reckoning is approaching. We want to see you in full day in Parliament to vote with us.

The Minority Leader was speaking when he presented provisional driving licenses to 111 youths from Ugunja constituency who were sponsored by Ugunja NG-CDF under our ongoing youth empowerment programme.

He criticized the current administration, saying the tax increase is due to hasty promises made by the president during his public appearances.

“The reason he adds taxes day and night is because of roadside declarations. Everywhere he stops he makes promises of construction and other things that require money, hence the reason why the budget cannot balance.”

Wandayi said broken promises and stalled projects are being promised left, right and center without the funding required to see them through.

“This is the problem we have here. Even in this region, there have been so many projects promised. In Bondo, the road to Luanda was launched by the president but nothing is happening on the ground. In Nyando , the Kabonyo Fish project is at a standstill so far “The Koru Soin Dam remains unfinished. There is no money. “

The MP urged the government to live within its means rather than burdening Kenyans with excessive taxes.

“Why do you continue to burden Kenyans with taxes because of projects you keep promising but fail to fund? Just live within your means,” Wandayi said.