Fox News Suddenly Loves the Justice System After Hunter Biden’s Conviction – Mother Jones

Hunter Biden was convicted today on federal gun charges…and Fox News was thrilled.Saquan Stimpson/Zuma

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In the moments Following Hunter Biden’s conviction on federal gun-related charges Tuesday, Fox News celebrated that the justice system had done its job.

They sang the praises of the judge and jury. They were happy that Biden would face consequences. And they doubted President Joe Biden’s repeated promises that he would not pardon his son. In short: they reacted very differently than they did when Donald Trump was found guilty in his secret trial.

This is not surprising given Fox News’ long-standing loyalty to Trump. But the effusive praise was a stark contrast to the reaction of Fox – and some on the far right – to Trump’s conviction last month. Here is a sample of their new adherence to the “rule of law” and its consequences:

  • “I applaud the judge, she did an outstanding job upholding the rule of law,” Fox News contributor Leo Terrell said on air today.
  • “You did it. You are guilty. You are going to jail. So welcome to the real world, Hunter Biden,” said host Emily Compagno.
  • “Why was Hunter so sure he could win in that courtroom? Because he’s a Biden,” added host Jeanine Pirro. “This is the first time Hunter Biden has faced accountability and consequences for his actions. »

Again, this is very different from what Pirro and his colleagues had to say after Trump’s conviction:

  • “We call it lawfare, I think lawfare is much too mild, much too innocuous. It’s the war ! Pirro proclaimed last week, adding that the verdict was the product of a “puppet court.”
  • “We have crossed a cliff in America. This verdict is of someone who was forced to fight a 1,000-pound gorilla with both hands tied behind his back,” Pirro added.
  • “This is a sad day for our justice system, the greatest justice system ever created by man,” Sean Hannity said after Trump’s conviction.

Yet not everyone on the right was jubilant after Hunter Biden’s conviction. Elsewhere, conspiracy theories This resulted in it being a politically orchestrated belief intended to justify Trump’s.

Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior advisor, posted on linked to foreign corruption. For what? Because all the evidence would point back to JOE.

Right-wing activist and Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk appeared unimpressed with Biden’s conviction, advising his supporters not to “get caught up” in an apparent Justice Department trick to convince them that the system is fair. “The true crimes of the Biden crime family remain intact. This is a fake trial trying to make the justice system appear “balanced,” Kirk wrote on X.

So, in essence, the right appears to be reacting as irrationally as one might expect.