Security guards pin shoplifting suspect to mall floor as onlookers shout ‘he’s turning blue’

That’s when a suspected thief is tackled to the ground by three security guards while a bystander shouts “he’s turning blue.”

South Yorkshire Police say they have arrested a man on suspicion of shoplifting at Frenchgate shopping centre. He was arrested after security guards at the Doncaster shopping center stopped him.

Yorkshire Live understands the man is accused of becoming “violent” towards security guards on duty. However, some shoppers who saw this unfold say they feared for the man’s safety and even said he was turning blue – as can be heard in the video.

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Footage filmed at 5.30pm on Saturday June 1 shows three security guards pinning the man to the ground in front of Boots as onlookers can be heard shouting at them to “stop”.

At one point, a security guard can be seen with his hand on the man’s neck, while an off-camera voice shouts, “Stop, he’s turning blue.” The man on the ground appears to be bleeding throughout the video and can be heard screaming “help me.”

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A number of worried shoppers who stopped can be seen looking at the man recording the video begging security guards to “don’t kill him”. Another member of security personnel then attempts to prevent the man from recording as he stands in front of him to block his view.