Satnami community shock triggers political blame game in Chhattisgarh

Chaos erupted in Chhattisgarh’s Balodabazar as protests by the Satnami community escalated into widespread arson and violence, with more than 200 arrests. State ministers accused Congress leaders of instigating the mob, leading to a political blame game. The opposition rejected the allegations, citing the government’s failure to address previous grievances.

At a press conference, Food Minister Dayaldas Baghel and Revenue Minister Tank Ram Verma detailed the alleged involvement of Congress workers in the protest, calling it a premeditated effort to defame the ruling party . Government vehicles and buildings suffered significant damage.

In response, the Congress party dismissed the accusations as baseless, blaming the unrest on administration incompetence. The protest followed the desecration of a symbolic religious structure important to the Satnami community, stoking deep resentment that culminated in Monday’s violence.

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