Federal appeals court hears lawsuit accusing top U.S. officials of complicity in genocide

Here in the United States, a federal court on Monday heard arguments in an appeal in a lawsuit accusing senior Biden administration officials of complicity in genocide. The case was brought to the 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals by Palestinians and human rights groups, including Defense for Children International – Palestine. The suit seeks to end U.S. military and diplomatic support for Israel during its assault on the Gaza Strip. It names as defendants President Joseph Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Monday’s oral arguments were presented by Katie Gallagher, an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Katie Gallagher: “Your Honor, what this case presents is a clear allegation, a well-argued allegation, of violations of binding law, of the duty to prevent genocide, and of complicity in genocide. These are clearly established in the law.