£15m of ‘criminal money’ seized by police reinvested in Manchester communities

Police have reinvested more than £15 million in cash seized from criminals into local communities across Manchester.

During the last financial year, Greater Manchester Police(GMP) Economic Crime Unit – which is made up of police officers, detectives and other additional staff – together recovered a whopping total of £15,163,436.27 of “criminal” money.

The Economic Crime Unit is responsible for handling complex cases investigations regarding serious fraud, money laundering and confiscation of finances of those who profited from crime in Greater Manchester – each of the teams working within the unit are specialized in targeting criminals’ money from its seizure to its recovery in court.

Some of the teams that work within the Economic Crime Unit include the dedicated ‘Money Laundering’ team, the ‘Account Freezing Order’ team, the ‘Asset Detention and Recovery’ team » and the “Withholding and Confiscation” team.

By working together as a team, each with a dedicated task to complete, it has meant that the Economic Crime Unit has broken records in terms of the volume of cash it has seized and then recovered for the force throughout throughout the past year.

The seized funds are then used under the Asset Recovery Incentive Scheme (ARIS) for the benefit of the local population. communities throughout our region.

Detective Inspector Sarah Langley, from GMP’s Economic Crime Unit, described the amount of cash seized during this exercise as a “significant achievement” for the area, as it not only ” disrupts criminals looking to line their pockets with illicit money’, but it also ‘directly benefits’ communities across Greater Manchester as these funds are reinvested into ‘vital’ community programs and services.

“It is appropriate that we take the money back from individuals who have profited from crime for their own selfish gain, and now use it to improve our communities across Greater Manchester by providing funding to those who need it most ” explained DI Langley. .

“Over the last year, we have worked hard to dismantle several criminal networks involved in money laundering, fraud and other financial crimes. »

DI Langley said the reinvestment of the seized funds was “so satisfying”.

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She continued: “This year we have recovered over £15 million, and a significant amount has been reinvested in Greater Manchester, and it is very satisfying to see that our hard work is having an impact on the communities that we serve.

“This encourages us to get even more money in the next fiscal year.”

Featured Image – GMP