Police are searching for a couple who robbed a bank and drove a getaway car to KFC to eat with the robbery money, considered armed and dangerous and a threat to the community.

Police say they are looking for a West Virginia couple considered armed and dangerous after robbing a bank and using the money at a KFC.

Police in North Strabane, Pennsylvania, say they are looking for Brandon D. Scerri, 29, and Kayla Pruett, 28, both of Wellsburg, West Virginia, after robbing the First National Bank in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Police say the couple fled with more than $7,000. North Strabane Police say Scerri and Pruett are considered armed and dangerous and pose a threat to the community


Scerri is described as 5’11, 165 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.


Pruett is described as 4’11, 106 pounds, with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

Police say a nationwide extradition has been authorized and to not approach the couple but to call 911 if you see them.

Authorities were able to identify the couple after reviewing videos from area surveillance cameras and the town’s license plate readers. Police said Scerri and Pruett were first seen at a Wendy’s the morning of the robbery, where they retrieved a piece of paper used for writing claims. Shortly after, the couple was spotted at the bank.

Authorities said the note indicated the bank robber had a gun. No firearm was presented during the robbery according to police. Police said the clothes the robber was wearing matched those shown in the video at Wendy’s. Police said the thief used a medical mask and hat to conceal himself during the robbery.

Police said after the bank, the couple went to Walgreens and purchased items with the stolen money. They then went to KFC and ate in the dining room with the money from the bank robbery.

Scerri and Pruett were both charged with theft from a financial institution and theft by unlawful taking.