Reject threesome with 2 Russian women in graves, this man was punched, beaten and dragged to death

JAKARTA – Two women were arrested in Russia on suspicion of beating and brutally murdering a man after refusing to perform aRIA in a cemetery. The attackers Rosa (29) and Martha (37) are said to have been drinking with victim Alexander (63) at a cemetery in Sovropol, a town in southwest Russia. Local reports said the woman’s friends were accused of repeatedly kicking and punching men after she refused to have sex with them. According to reports citing local police, they beat him to death in the forest before hiding his body in a hole. “They dragged the body into the forest and hid it in a hole. Her body was later found and the women were arrested and the murder case was opened,” reported a local police report reported by the Mirror, Tuesday June 11. one of the women escorted to a forest crime scene, suspected by agents of the Russian Investigative Committee, who was seen carrying a doll before placing it on a piece of grass on the forest floor. One of the women was then seen putting her feet on the doll’s body. In a statement, the victim, known to both women, was subjected to a cruel attack during which they rained down a series of punches with their hands and feet. “During an argument, the women struck the 63-year-old man several times with their hands and feet on his head and body,” the report states. “The victim died on the spot as a result of his injuries. Wanting to avoid any responsibility for this offense, the accused dragged the body of the deceased into a wooded area and hid it in a hole.” The two women were detained for two months over the death of the 63-year-old man during the funeral.

Sovropol is located several hundred kilometers east of Russian-occupied Crimea and recently became the site of what Ukraine claims was a successful drone strike against Russian aircraft. In April, Ukrainian officials claimed to have shot down the Tu-22M3, a long-range Russian strategic bomber carrying a cruise missile, causing it to crash in the area. But Russian officials told local news agency RIA Novosti that the incident was caused by technical obstacles.

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