Diljit Dosanjh wanted to reject Jatt and Juliet due to problems with producer: ‘But he gave me a blank check’

Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh has admitted that he almost didn’t star in the Jatt & Juliet franchise. The actor, at the trailer launch of Jatt & Juliet 3, revealed that he was on the verge of rejecting the first film in the franchise due to his differences with the film’s producer Darshan Singh Grewal. However, when the filmmaker offered him a blank check, Diljit’s life took a drastic turn. Jatt & Juliet was released in 2011, with Diljit sharing the screen with Neeru Bajwa. The film became the biggest blockbuster in the Punjabi film industry at that time.

“When Jatt & Juliet 1 was being made, Darshan Singh Grewal, the producer of Jatt & Juliet. We had problems with each other. So, when the film offer came to me, I wanted to go and refuse the film in person. I had gone to his office to decline the offer because of our history. When I reached his office, he signed a blank check in a film style and said, ‘Paaji, fill in the amount, I want to make a film with you.’ I didn’t plan that,” Diljit Dosanjh confessed.

“At the time, I took my manager aside and discussed, ‘Now what do we do?’ We cannot refuse this. I then asked who is making the most money in the Punjabi industry at present. He got me the amount and I decided to put this amount with TDS so that the producer could withdraw his offer. He replied, ‘Add another one lakh to the amount and sign the film,'” he added.

The actor-singer revealed that the team was then sent to Canada and the filmmakers ran out of funds halfway through. The producers then contacted White Hill Studios and, after discussions, brought them on board as co-producers. Filming resumed but the film once again ran out of funds. The team then turned to Speed ​​Records for help and they joined the film. Diljit thanked Darshan not only for directing the film but also for improving his pay scale in the Punjabi film industry.


“After the first Jatt & Juliet became a success, Darshan sir came back to me and offered me a blank check for the sequel. Now I have decided to invest an amount that no one in the industry is getting. My (salary) level has improved because of this film,” he said.

Jatt & Juliet 3 returned 12 years after the release of the second film in the franchise. The film is scheduled to release on June 27.

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