Crime rates rise outside New York in 2023 due to car thefts, shoplifting, report says

Increased store thefts and rising car thefts caused New York’s crime rate to soar in 2023, new data shows.

While violent crime decreased by 4% outside of New York City, overall crime increased due to an increase in petty theft and auto theft. Last year, around 193,000 crimes were reported, an increase of 21% over two years. Most were non-violent thefts, with 133,000 incidents reported.

Car thefts have nearly tripled since 2019, with 20,615 vehicles stolen in 2023, primarily in Rochester and Buffalo. Viral videos showing how to steal certain models, including Kia and Hyundai, have fueled the rise. In response, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a $5 million initiative to combat auto theft and other youth crimes.