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World Day Against Child Labor 2024 Quotes

Child labor perpetuates poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, population growth and other social problems. (Kailash Satyarthi).

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We must ensure that while eliminating child labor in the export sector, we also eliminate their work from the informal sector, which is more invisible to the public eye – and thus leaves children more exposed to abuse and exploitation. (Carol Bellamy).

If we cannot agree on fundamental principles, such as eliminating the most abusive forms of child labour, then we are truly not ready to move forward into the future. (Alexis Herman).

World Day Against Child Labor 2024 (Image credit: Canva)

Some girls cannot go to school because of work and child trafficking. (Malala Yousafzai).

Even when we spoke about child labor, we were frowned upon. But then you know you have to tell the truth, no matter the repercussions. (Asma Jahangir).

World Day Against Child Labor 2024 Slogans

Understanding their abilities, child labor can reduce their productivity

“Lost childhood, shattered dreams.”

A child burning FUEL is purely CRUEL

World Day Against Child Labor 2024 (Image credit: Canva)

Childhood is the phase of life where children are supposed to LEARN, not EARN

Child labor is a crime we must fight to give our children their birthright

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