Bank robber showed teller note on iPad

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Bank robbery note written on iPad

The future is now! A Las Vegas man has been arrested after attempting to rob a bank. The interesting part of the story is that he wrote his demand note for the cashiers on an iPad and showed it to them!

The details

The accused is Donald Malone, 53. According to 8NewsNow reports, Malone showed tellers at a Las Vegas bank an iPad with a pre-written note on it. The message said to “give him big bills and don’t try anything.” 8NewsNow reports say the cashier activated the silent alarm, which scared Malone and he ran away. Then, the next day, the defendant went to another bank and did the same thing, showing tellers another pre-written message on an iPad in an attempt to obtain money. According to 8NewsNow, he received $1,000 for this theft.

And after

According to 8NewsNow reports, Malone was arrested and police noticed he was wearing the same shirt in surveillance footage from two banks. He remains in a detention center due to his fugitive status.


As we’ve said before, the future is now. Is this the next step in the evolution of bank robberies? We always talk about new technology and the fear of robots, but how long will it be before a robot is sent to rob a bank. Or will the tellers be robots, armed to the teeth, ready to defend themselves against bank robbers? Both are probably extremely far-fetched ideas, but the bank-robbing robot isn’t the worst idea for a movie.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening with Donald Malone and whether he faces jail time. Or, if there are any other technological advancements being made in the area of ​​crime, you know we’ll get them to you!