Mesa police arrest 3 men on suspicion of possessing illegal fireworks


Three men were arrested during two traffic stops this weekend in Mesa and face charges of illegal possession of fireworks, police said.

Officers stopped a vehicle June 8 for having a suspended license plate, authorities said in a news release.

While speaking to the driver, Nicholas Ruiz, 22, and the passenger, Carlos Barron, 47, “officers saw boxes of illegal fireworks in the vehicle,” according to the release.

“Agents learned that Ruiz had purchased the fireworks in New Mexico and that he and Barron hoped to sell them for a profit in Mesa.”

Police seized more than 50 suspected explosive devices and jailed the two men on charges of possessing illegal fireworks and illegal fireworks intended for sale, officials said.

Just hours after the first stop, Mesa police stopped another vehicle for displaying plates that were not valid for highway use. Officers saw boxes of illegal fireworks in the bed of the truck, according to the release.

While speaking with the driver, Ivan Mejia, 27, officers said they learned he purchased the fireworks in Nevada and was selling them to people online. Officers seized more than 20 suspected explosive devices and booked Mejia for possession of illegal fireworks and illegal fireworks for sale, police said.

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