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Your front page article on the UCSC arrests was so biased it was difficult to read. Is the Sentinel promoting the UCSC political drama show? There was a lot of talk about a student who had to wear a “spit bag” on his head. Why, I wonder? Students engaged in criminal activities beyond the protests. They were given ample time and instructions to leave, yet they resisted, “taunting the police.” The same student reported suffering a “heavy” concussion, but it appeared he recovered very quickly. Did the author bother to find out if this was true?

I don’t blame the students; they acted like victims specifically to make headlines. However, I am ashamed of the article, which quotes protesters accusing the police of violence. The article also quotes a local activist spouting nonsense such as “violently demolishing the camp.” Yes, the students made a mess to make headlines and we need to clean up after them. Criminal protesters should be held accountable.

We deserve much better, unbiased reporting.

—Leslie Wooding, Santa Cruz

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