SoCal police officers suspended after video shows them beating teen for alleged shoplifting


By the Vanguard team

GLENDALE, Calif. – Four police officers here have been suspended after video shows them hitting and kicking a teenager accused of shoplifting at a downtown sporting goods store California commercial last week, according to KIRO7 TV.

Glendale police said officers responded to a report of shoplifting at Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Glendale Galleria, KTLA reportedand admitted to using “force” on the teenager to make the arrest, officials said in a statement.

The video shows three plainclothes police officers restraining the teen as they punch him repeatedly. KCAL reportednoting that another police officer joined the melee and began kicking the suspect, who is helpless on the ground, pinned down by the other officers.

A store customer who recorded the video was outraged by the police officers’ actions, told KCAL“The officer who wasn’t even there at the beginning, who rushed into this situation, and as soon as he got there, he just decided, ‘I’m going to kick this kid in the face.’ “

“An investigation into the incident, including all actions taken by the officers during the arrest process, was immediately initiated and the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing,” the department said in a statement.