Drug abuse: NGO sounds alarm on rampant drug abuse in Udayagiri region | Mysore News

Mysuru: Members of Jamiath Ulama, an NGO here, have filed a petition, claiming that the use and sale of ganja and other banned substances was rampant in Udayagiri and NR police limits. The NGO suggested closing all tea shops before 10 p.m. every day. They said some of them stayed open until midnight. These stores have become meeting places for teenagers, who often argue with people in the neighborhood over parking. Many also turned to drug addiction. The recent murder of a teenager at the Udayagiri police station has sparked concern among residents. NGO’s Moulana Arshad, former Karnataka Exhibition Authority chairman Ayub Khan, former mayor Arif Hussain and former KC contractors Shaukat Pasha and Ayaz Pasha met Police Commissioner Ramesh Banoth to submit his petition . Khan confirmed to TOI that members of Jamiath Ulama have asked the police to take necessary steps to curb illegal activities in the area. Shaukat Pasha said, “We have also demanded that the police should enforce traffic discipline in parts of northeast Mysuru, so that arguments between motorists can be nipped in the bud. He urged the Mysuru City Corporation to check the business licenses of all shops operating in the area and ensure that business establishments install CCTVs in their premises. Police Commissioner Ramesh Banoth said he had urged the NGO to share any additional information on any illegal activities. in the region and also on the sale and possession of prohibited substances.

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