Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s blackmailer sentenced to two years in prison for drug use

Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s blackmailer sentenced to two years in prison for drug use

Warning: This article contains references to drug addiction

Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s blackmailer was sentenced to 2 years in prison during the trial. The man, who is the manager of an entertainment establishment, had drug charges against him and was convicted of the same. There is also a blackmail case against actor Lee Sun Kyun against the manager who denied the charges.

Lee Sun Kyun’s Blackmailer Sentenced to Prison for Drug Use

Lee Sun Kyun’s blackmailer was sentenced to two years in prison for drug use on July 9 by the Incheon District Court’s 14th Criminal Division presided over by Judge Son Seung Bum. The manager was accused of violating the Narcotics Control Act by consuming psychoactive drugs and marijuana.

The case also took into account the manager’s six previous convictions for drug offences, including for using or smoking philopon, ketamine and marijuana on three occasions between March and August 2023.

In addition, another case is also pending against the manager for blackmailing Lee Sun Kyun. They were charged with blackmailing Lee Sun Kyun for 300 million won in September 2023. The manager denied the charges and claimed that they informed Lee Sun Kyun about the hacker who was blackmailing them.

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In October 2023, it was confirmed that Lee Sun Kyun was under investigation for illegal drug use. As the investigation continued, the Parasite actor was found unconscious in his car on December 27, 2023. Seoul Seongbuk Police Station found an unconscious man in a parked car en route to Seoul’s Waryong Park. He was later identified as the actor.

Actor Lee Sun Kyun has impressed audiences with his roles in My Mister, Parasite, Coffee Prince, and many more. He is known for impressing with his versatility. The actor has played roles in romantic comedies like Coffee Prince, emotional roller coasters like My Mister, and social commentaries like Parasite.

Warning: If you know someone who has problems with alcohol or drug addiction, please contact the authorities and report it. There are several helplines available for this.