Atta Akyea urges MPs to reject ad hoc committee report

Atta Akyea urges MPs to reject ad hoc committee report

The chairman of the ad hoc committee investigating a leaked recording that allegedly planned the dismissal of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) has criticised the committee’s report, calling it “anaemic” and lacking the substance needed for parliamentary action.

Samuel Atta Akyea, who chaired the committee, said the report, which he did not sign, concluded that three senior police officers, COP Alex George Mensah, Superintendent George Lysander Asare and Superintendent Emmanuel Eric Gyebi, had misbehaved, which is a major offence under police regulations.

The report recommended that the officers be disciplined in accordance with police disciplinary procedures.

However, during a debate on the report in Parliament, Atta Akyea urged his colleagues to reject the committee’s findings because they lacked logical basis.

“I want to point out with the greatest respect that this report has reduced Parliament and the good committee of Parliament to a conveyor belt onto which everything they table should fall.

“We don’t just listen to people who come before a committee and come to a conclusion on an issue. We look at the issues. A committee of Parliament is not a conveyor belt. It’s supposed to look at a given issue.”

“There is no substance for the plenary to take, with the utmost respect, a decision on this and uphold this report. Yes. And I urge this House to reject this report because it is not supported by any evidence. And we should not take a resolution on the basis of such an anemic report,” he was quoted as saying by

The deputy chairman of the ad hoc committee, James Agalga, however, retorted that Atta Akyea’s comments distorted the facts.

“Mr President, a number of issues have been raised which constitute a gross distortion of the facts and the report,” Mr Agalga said.

He explained that during the committee’s deliberations, the chair had the opportunity to make his arguments, particularly with respect to the definition of conspiracy under section 23 of the Criminal Offences and Other Offences Act.


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