Malayalam writer who stole Harry Potter book catches JK Rowling’s eye! | Malayalam Movie News

Imagine someone stealing a book and getting praise from its author! That’s what happened in the case of Reese Thomas, a Malayali assistant director and screenwriter. Reese recently made headlines when, during the release of his first book, he revealed that he had stolen a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book from a bookstore as a child and now has his own book for sale in the same bookstore.
Quoting a news article that featured the revelation, JK Rowling wrote on her social media account: “I know I will be accused of encouraging book theft by sharing this, so please don’t steal books, book theft is wrong. Anyway, this is the most beautiful thing that has made me really happy.”
Reese took to Facebook to share his joy at Rowling discovering his story. “Finally she (JK Rowling) read it and shared it on her social media. Years ago I had done something and the book has reached the world now, and more importantly it has reached her, the one and only JK Rowling, the exact person I really wish I had read it, was her (sic),” he posted.

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