Child dies after being sexually assaulted by drug-addicted neighbor

Photo courtesy of CBC

A one-year-and-nine-month-old baby died after being sexually abused and beaten by a 50-year-old man in Ongkharak district, Nakhon Nayok.

The horrific incident came to light when the girl’s aunt, Sukanya (surname withheld), was informed by a neighbour that the child had been unconscious since she fell down the stairs on Saturday night, July 6.

While visiting her niece at a hospital in Nakhon Nayok, Sukanya found the child in a coma, suffering from a brain hemorrhage and covered in bruises. Suspecting foul play, she questioned the alleged accident. Medical staff later confirmed that the girl had been beaten and raped.

The child was living with a neighbour after her parents separated and her father left for another province to work. Sukanya, who helped raise the child, would leave her in the care of the attacker, Pichit’s wife (last name withheld) during the day.

Police arrested Pichit on Tuesday, July 9. After initially denying the charges, he eventually confessed to beating the girl out of irritation caused by her crying. He admitted to raping her due to sexual arousal after consuming methamphetamine pills, commonly known as Yaba.

Police revealed that Pichit had been addicted to Yaba for 20 years. He is being held at the Nakhon Nayok Provincial Court without bail and will face further questioning. The incident left the community in shock and the girl succumbed to her injuries at 6am yesterday.

Police plan to file charges against Pichit, who remains in custody, the Bangkok Post reported.

In related news, police have arrested a Thai man for repeatedly raping his nine-year-old stepdaughter and 11-year-old niece at the home of his wife and mistress in Phuket’s Chalong subdistrict.

A teacher at Ban Chalong School in Phuket filed a complaint with officers at Chalong Police Station around 8pm on July 6, claiming that two young girls had been victims of a 37-year-old rapist.

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