Supreme Court Justice Fights for Use of Advanced Technology to Prevent White-Collar Crime

Supreme Court Justice Hima Kohli said on Wednesday that “white-collar crimes pose a formidable challenge to the judicial and economic systems, requiring a ‘multidimensional and nuanced’ approach.”

New Delhi: White collar crimes pose a challenge to both justice systems and economic stability, highlighting the need for a “multi-pronged and nuanced” approach, Supreme Court Justice Hima Kohli on Wednesday said that using advanced technology was a good way to prevent such crimes.

“By leveraging advanced technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligenceand blockchain will improve the ability to detect, investigate and prosecute white-collar crimes, she said.

The Supreme Court judge was speaking on the topic of “Second Discourse on the Judicial Perspective on Economic Crimes and Corporate Malfeasance” at an event organized by the Center for Discourse on Criminal and Constitutional Jurisprudence.