Compensation claim: Insurance company rejects death claim due to typo in hospital documents | Surat News

Compensation claim: Insurance company rejects death claim due to typo in hospital documents | Surat News

Surat: An inadvertent typo in hospital documents can become a tool for insurance companies to misinterpret and reject the death claim. The widow of a Valsad resident realised this when a private insurance company was quick to latch on to the word ‘truck’ in the hospital discharge summary and reject the claim of her husband whose death was never caused by the heavy vehicle. However, the Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum (CDRC) came to the woman’s rescue by observing that the company had misinterpreted the words ‘truck’ and ‘track’ and ordered her to pay the death claim. Alok Singh of Valsad had bought a life insurance policy of Rs 5 lakh for a period from December 2021 to December 2022 from Niva Bupa Health Insurance with a no-claim bonus of Rs 1 lakh. On July 11, Singh lost control of his car due to heavy rains and the four-wheeler jumped to the other side of the road after hitting a pole of a divider. Due to the impact, the car jumped from the highway lane to the opposite lane, and Singh suffered serious injuries. He died on July 27 at a hospital in Vapi. The FIR filed immediately after the accident clearly mentioned that the driver of the car lost control due to a pothole on the highway and hit a pole on the divider. However, the discharge summary of Vapi-based Rainbow Hospital, where Singh died 15 days after the accident, wrongly stated that the car had hit a “truck”. The company rejected the death claim filed by Singh’s widow Kanchan by misinterpreting the discharge summary and stating that Singh was driving on the wrong side of the road. Kanchan approached the Valsad CDRC where the insurer argued that the claimant had not come to court with clean hands. Observing that this was a deficiency in service, the CDRC directed the company to pay a death benefit of Rs 5.97 along with 8% interest and Rs 3,000 for physical and mental harassment.

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