Drug addict allegedly killed sleeping mother

Drug addict allegedly killed sleeping mother

By Buziwe Nocuze

A 32-year-old drug addict from Phillip Browns Farm in Cape Town allegedly killed his mother, Carole Cetman, with a wine bottle while she was sleeping.

The victim’s daughter, Amanda Cetman, explained what happened that night.

“It was around 11pm on Friday (June 28) when we went to bed.

“My brother and I sleep in separate houses while my mother sleeps in the main house. While I was sleeping, I heard someone knocking on the door of my mother’s house,” she said.

She was scared when she heard her mother screaming, thinking it was a criminal.

“I rushed into the room and found her lying there. She was attacked with an empty wine bottle by my brother. He then dragged her out of bed,” she said.

The son had a history of drug addiction and spent two years in prison before moving back in with his mother and sister in 2022 after his release.

“He blamed my mother for not visiting him while he was in prison. He blames my mother for all the bad things that happened to him in life, as if my mother ordered him to do these things,” Cetman said.

His mother was rushed to hospital in critical condition and died on Tuesday, July 9.

Police Media Liaison Officer Captain FC Van Wyk said the suspect appeared before Athlone Magistrates Court on July 8 and was remanded in custody pending a bail application. He will appear in court again on July 15.

Pamela Nobumba, regional manager of the South African National Civic Education Organisation in the Cape Peninsula, said: “Gender-based violence is a problem in our communities, and the lack of a police station plays a major role. We believe that once we have a police station at Philippi Browns Farm, these incidents will reduce.”

“As an organization, we are very sad, especially since we just saw a video of a young man called Luvu assaulting his grandmother. Now we have Luvu again, who allegedly killed his mother. What is happening to our children? Why are they abusing their mother?” she asked.

Pictured above: Carole Cetman of Philippi Browns Farm in Cape Town died after being allegedly assaulted by her son with an empty wine bottle.

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