Mosque steps up security after discovery of two explosive devices

Mosque steps up security after discovery of two explosive devices

KZN police spokesperson Brigadier Jay Naicker said Greenwood Park police were investigating a case of illegal possession of explosives.

The incident occurred on July 8, 2024, at around 1:30 a.m., on Kenneth Kaunda Road. The suspects, who remain unidentified, were interrupted by a patrolling security vehicle and subsequently fled, abandoning the vehicles on the mosque premises. The witness reported Tuesday.

Brigadier Naicker said: “He immediately suspected that these were explosive devices and contacted the relevant authorities who in turn contacted the police.”

The police department’s bomb disposal technicians confirmed that the objects were indeed homemade explosives made from commercial materials.

“The devices were not designed to explode. It is believed that the men were heading to an unknown destination with the devices when they were disturbed by the security guard,” Mr Naicker added. The search for the suspects is currently underway.

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The trustees of the Durban North Mosque, also known as Musjidur Rahman, have issued a statement regarding the incident.

“The mosque has increased security measures, urging anyone with information about or the motives for the attempted attack, or who may have been in the vicinity during the incident, to contact law enforcement or the mosque directly,” the statement read.

“This reprehensible act will not deter the Muslim community from practicing their faith or engaging with other faiths. The mosque remains open and welcomes visitors as usual,” the statement read.

Source: Agencies