Ontario funds skills upgrades for emergency room nurses

Ontario funds skills upgrades for emergency room nurses

The Ontario government has announced a $10 million investment to help more than 1,000 nurses upgrade their skills to provide emergency room care.

The government said this will help strengthen, stabilize and retain nursing staff in emergency departments across the province, particularly in rural and remote hospitals.

“Our government continues to grow Ontario’s health care workforce and add thousands of new nurses to deliver high-quality care to individuals and families closer to home,” said Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health.

“This investment will remove barriers and provide more opportunities for emergency department nurses to advance their careers as we build a stronger, more resilient health care system for generations to come.”

Jones’ office confirmed that Erie Shores Healthcare and Chatham-Kent Hospital Alliance are part of the initiative, but data is not available on where the nurses to be trained will come from.

More than 400 nurses received this training last year in 72 hospitals in the province.

“Nurses tell us this program is invaluable,” said Judy Linton, executive vice-president and chief nursing officer at Ontario Health.

“They are able to effectively apply the content and skills learned in the course to their work, helping to ensure quality care for more Ontarians in emergency departments across the province.”