MD prosecutors indict 11, mostly juveniles, in robbery crime sprees

MD prosecutors indict 11, mostly juveniles, in robbery crime sprees

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Prosecutors have indicted 11 individuals, most of them juveniles, in two robbery crime sprees impacting more than 100 victims throughout the Baltimore area.

The Maryland Office of the Attorney General, regional law enforcement officials and Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott announced the charges on Wednesday, which encompassed more than 80 crimes, including one rape, one home invasion, 16 armed carjackings and 59 robberies throughout Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Howard County. The robberies also include commercial armed robberies, 21 kidnappings and the theft of eight vehicles.

Candace McLaren Lanham, chief deputy attorney general for Maryland, said that in the first crime spree, individuals ordered cars on apps such as Uber or Lyft, carjacked the drivers and then used the driver’s car to pick up other passengers. The individuals then robbed these passengers.

In the second crime spree, McLaren Lanham said, a different group of individuals primarily targeted pizza restaurants and convenience stores and robbed cashiers and store clerks at Gunpoint.

“It is our hope that these indictments can help bring some peace of mind to these families and these victims,” McLaren Lanham said. “But these indictments also highlight the problem of gun violence in our state.”

McLaren Lanham added that most of the crimes were committed by individuals under the age of 21 armed with handguns, including one ghost gun and two stolen guns.

The 11 indictments are the result of two long-term organized crime investigations with local and federal law enforcement into carjackings, and citizen and commercial armed robberies. The defendants will be prosecuted in Baltimore County.

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