Stop comparing Donald Trump to Hitler

Stop comparing Donald Trump to Hitler

John Donald O’Shea

Earlier this week, MSNBC host Joy Reid proudly told the world on TikTok that to avoid another Donald Trump term as president, she would “vote for (President Joe) Biden in a coma.”

To those in the Democratic Party who want to replace President Biden on the presidential ticket, Reid said: “Let me know, when you’re done fighting among yourselves, who I should vote for in November to keep Hitler out of the White House.”

Joy Reid’s comparison of Trump to Hitler is just her opinion. But Donald Trump has a political past. Therefore, hard facts abound to show exactly what Trump has done during his four years in office. Which of these facts could possibly give an iota of support to Reid’s insane claim that “Trump is Hitler”?

Joy Reid graduated from Harvard University in 1991, majoring in “film studies.” What seems obvious is that Reid seems to lack the slightest knowledge of Hitler and his Third Reich. No person with an ounce of intellectual integrity who has read William L. Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, or who has studied World War II, would ever compare Trump—or any other American politician—to Adolf Hitler.

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Here is a timeline of Hitler and his actions:

January 1933: Hitler becomes German Chancellor;

February 1933: Reichstag destroyed by fire; Nazis blame Communists;

March 10, 1933: Nazis burn books in front of the University of Berlin;

March 1933: Adoption of the Enabling Act. Hitler is granted the power to rule by decree for four years;

Hitler proclaims the Nazi Party as the only permitted political party in Germany.

All other parties and unions are banned. German states are deprived of

autonomous powers. Nazi officials become state governors;

February and March 1933: Mass arrests of left-wing opponents;

March 1933. The Dachau concentration camp comes into operation;

April 1933: banning of the Communist Party;

May 1933: Ban on socialists, unions and strikes;

Spring/Summer 1933: The first concentration camps are created throughout Germany;

June 1934: Hitler eliminates all opposition within the Nazi Party. Hitler personally arrests Ernst Röhm, his chief of staff. When he refuses to use the pistol offered to him to end his life, he is shot without trial.

July 1934: Death of President Hindenburg. Hitler abolishes the office of president and names himself “Führer and Chancellor of the Reich”;

1935: Hitler decrees military conscription;

September 1935: The Nuremberg Laws strip Jews of their citizenship and make them “subjects”;

July 1936: Sachsenhausen concentration camp begins operations;

July 1937: Buchenwald concentration camp begins operations;

December 1, 1937: 7,746 prisoners are now in concentration camps;

March 1938: Hitler orders the German army to invade and capture Austria. Austria is annexed;

June 1, 1938: First official execution in a concentration camp:

June 30, 1938: About 24,000 prisoners are now in concentration camps;

September 1938. Hitler threatens Czechoslovakia with war. To avoid war, Chamberlain and France agree that the Czechs must cede the Sudetenland to Germany. Hitler promises that he has “no more territorial ambitions in Europe”;

November 1938: Kristallnacht. Some 7,500 Jewish shops are destroyed and 400 synagogues are burned. The attack is presented as a spontaneous reaction to the death of a German diplomat by a Jewish refugee in Paris. It is in reality orchestrated by the Nazi Party.

November 1938: About 50,000 prisoners are now in concentration camps;

March 1939: In violation of the Munich Agreement, Hitler’s troops seize the rest of Czechoslovakia;

May 1939: Ravensbrück women’s concentration camp begins operations;

August 23, 1939. Germany and Russia sign a “Non-Aggression Pact”;

September 1, 1939. Hitler “bombs”/invades Poland;

April 9, 1940: Hitler attacks and occupies neutral Denmark and Norway:

May 10, 1940: Neutral countries Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg are bombed and invaded as part of Hitler’s invasion/war against France:

June 1940: Auschwitz concentration camp in German-occupied Poland begins operations;

From September 7, 1940 to May 11, 1941: Hitler’s air force bombed/blitzed England, notably London and Coventry;

June 1941: Start of “euthanasia” of feeble-minded and mentally ill prisoners;

June 1941. In violation of his non-aggression pact, Hitler invades Russia;

September 1941: First mass gassing of Soviet prisoners of war in concentration camps;

December 1941: Some 80,000 prisoners in concentration camps;

January 1942: Wannsee Conference to bring about the “final solution” to the “Jewish question”;

Spring 1942: Start of the mass transfer of Jews to Auschwitz;

Spring/summer 1942: the SS install the first gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau;

September 1942: About 110,000 prisoners in concentration camps;

February 1943: Start of mass deportations of Gypsies to Auschwitz;

August 1944: 524,000 prisoners in concentration camps;

Early 1945: 700,000 prisoners in concentration camps;

So, Ms. Reid, when in his four years in office has Trump committed an act comparable to any of the acts committed by Hitler, listed above?

When did Trump order the mass burning of disapproved books? Rule by decree under an enabling act? Ban opposition political parties? Ban labor unions? Govern strikes? Order mass arrests of political opponents? Democrats? Republicans? Create concentration camps? Order the mass arrest of Jews? Invade neutral countries? Bomb them to smithereens? Order the mass execution of prisoners? Pass a law stripping everyone of their citizenship? Bomb population centers? Exterminate the mentally ill? Gypsies? Millions of Jews? Endorse a “Final Solution”?

Joy Reid expressed her opinion about Trump by comparing him to Hitler. Where are the underlying facts that support her opinion? Or is her opinion about Trump based solely on irrational political hatred?

Trump can reasonably be accused of childishly insulting his opponents, of being an “elephant in a china shop.” But neither Biden nor Trump can be rationally compared to Hitler.

And Ms. Reid, if Biden falls into a “coma,” which anonymous, unelected individual will be our secret “acting” president? That doesn’t seem to matter to Ms. Reid.

John Donald O’Shea of ​​Moline is a retired circuit judge and regular columnist.