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2 armed robbery suspects arrested 5 months later in Aiken

2 armed robbery suspects arrested 5 months later in Aiken

AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) – Two suspects have been arrested five months after being charged in an armed robbery in Aiken, authorities say.

North Augusta Department of Public Safety officers said that on Feb. 15, around 11:25 p.m., they responded to the 120 block of West Five Notch Road regarding a robbery.

When officers arrived, the victim was standing in the open doorway of his vehicle with blood running down the right side of his face.

Police presence at Augusta Shopping Center

Authorities said the victim said he was beaten with a pistol and robbed. He had a laceration on the right side of his scalp.

The victim told deputies he dropped off Kassidy Mays, 19, of Lawrenceville, at her home, but as she was walking inside, two younger men came up behind him.

The victim said the first suspect pulled him from the driver’s seat while the second pointed a gold-colored 9mm pistol at him and said, “You know what this is.”

The suspects stole the victim’s Android phone and began searching for his wallet in the vehicle and on his person, according to the victim.

The two suspects then got into the driver and passenger seats, demanding that the victim get into the car, he told deputies.

However, the victim said she refused because she believed she would be killed if she entered the vehicle with them.

After he refused, the second suspect got out of the vehicle and began hitting him in the head with the gun, the victim told deputies.

The victim said he began screaming for help and when occupants of the apartment complex began to come out, the suspects fled.

Allendale Police Department, South Carolina

He told deputies he was wary when he entered the complex and wanted to park in a well-lit space, however, Mays told him to park in an unlit spot.

Mays then left the vehicle once to drive to her apartment, returned and left again saying she needed to use the bathroom, according to the victim.

A witness told authorities she heard screams but paid no attention until the screams “became louder and sounded terrifying.”

She told authorities that when she looked out the window, she saw two suspects running from the scene, smiling, and the victim was screaming and holding his face as if he had been shot. When she opened the door, she saw Mays walking toward the steps of the building.

She asked Mays if she saw what happened, and Mays said no. She then asked Mays to call 911, but Mays didn’t and called her grandmother instead, the witness told authorities.

Mays was arrested July 10 and charged with armed robbery, according to jail records.

A second suspect, Eric Sanders, 20, of Augusta, was arrested July 10 and charged with armed robbery, jail records show.