44 men arrested after $800,000 liquor theft and truck crash

44 men arrested after 0,000 liquor theft and truck crash

alcohol theft

Forty-four men arrested following robbery of alcohol worth over $800,000 (Photo: ZHENYU LUO/Unsplash)

On June 26, the Kempton Express Thembisan newspaper reported that a gang of 44 men had been arrested after stealing alcohol after crashing a truck on a highway in South Africa. The alcohol in the vehicle was estimated to be worth 15 million rand ($827,665).

Police received a report that an armed robbery was underway at a warehouse in the Kempton Park area and saw a gang of 44 men loading alcohol into trucks. Two fully loaded trucks drove off.

“Police gave chase and one of the trucks crashed on the R21 at Kempton Park. The other truck was found at Norkem Park, where a suspect was arrested,” Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo said, according to the Kempton Express.

Police also seized two Volkswagen Polo mini-cars which the outlet claims were used in the crime. The suspects will appear in court and are currently facing charges of armed robbery, violating the country’s immigration law and possession of stolen property.

In May, another alcohol robbery ended in a truck crash when thieves attempted to steal $20,000 worth of stolen vodka in Warwickshire, England.

Authorities received a report that two men were acting suspiciously near a gas station. Officers arrived at the scene and the two suspects fled the scene. Police pursued the robbers and later discovered the vehicle abandoned on the side of the road.

Police informed the outlet that “Goodfellas-style gangs” used to target vehicles parked in these rest areas. The outlet explained that these crimes are professional and often highly organized. The perpetrators often spend a lot of time searching for their targets and often target transport trucks.

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