Race for Los Angeles County district attorney heats up amid latest crime statistics

Race for Los Angeles County district attorney heats up amid latest crime statistics

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The California Department of Justice’s 2023 crime statistics were released this month, and one man hopes they’ll play a big role in the upcoming Los Angeles district attorney election.

Nathan Hochman, the former federal prosecutor running against incumbent District Attorney George Gascón, says the new statistics show that Gascón’s policies have led to dramatic increases in violent and property crime.

“Gascon’s statements that crime has decreased during his term have been proven to be a complete lie,” Gascon said Tuesday. “He’s trying to manipulate those statistics in his favor. It turns out that’s a failure.”

Hochman’s claims are based on the latest statistics from the California Department of Justice and compare crimes committed in 2023 to those in 2020, the year Gascón took office.

Over those three years, violent crime in Los Angeles County increased by 12%, theft increased by 16%, property crime increased by 20%, shoplifting increased by 133%, auto theft increased by 23% and burglaries increased by 8%.

“Every year, violent crime, property crime, shoplifting increases by either double digits, single digits, or in some cases of hate crimes, triple digits,” Hochman told Eyewitness News. “Gascón can’t dodge or manipulate the public.”

The difference in the numbers is due to the areas covered by the statistics. Hochman says Gascón’s claims are based on crimes committed in the city of Los Angeles, using LAPD statistics. Hochman relies on statistics from the California Department of Justice, which cover both city and county crimes.

“When you look at the data across the county, when you look at George Gascón’s four years in office, his record is a record of failure when it comes to public safety.

Gascón was out of town Tuesday and unavailable for an interview, but his campaign released a written response to Hochman’s allegations that he was misrepresenting crime statistics:

“In fact, District Attorney Gascón’s violent crime prosecution rates are consistent over the office’s 10-year history. Mr. Hochman’s concerns that violent crimes are not being prosecuted are simply false and voters deserve better.”

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