New Hampshire’s 2024 legislative session adjourns

New Hampshire’s 2024 legislative session adjourns

Last month, New Hampshire’s 2024 legislative session adjourned. That means the session is over for the year.

Several bills related to athletes have been introduced this year. One important bill regarding professional athletes, HB 1186-FN, has been sent to Governor Chris Sununu for consideration.

If enacted, HB 1186-FN would protect the privacy of New Hampshire sportsmen’s credit card purchases by prohibiting the assignment of merchant category codes to the purchase of firearms, ammunition for use in firearms, and firearm accessories.

The following bills were rejected:

Bill HB 1037 would have repealed the limited liability of manufacturers, distributors, dealers or importers of firearms or ammunition, leaving them exposed to lawsuits based on another’s criminal use of a firearm.

Bill HB 1102-FN would have criminalized the sale and breeding of brachycephalic dogs and any dog ​​that could be considered to have a congenital defect.

Bill HB 1680 / SB 541-FN would have redefined retail pet stores to include any person with a physical facility that “transfers” more than thirty (30) dogs per year at retail. The bill also limited these newly redefined “retail pet stores” to a number of dogs “transferred” equal to the number “transferred” in 2023, prohibits “retail pet stores” from selling only to family members, AND Future ‘pet stores’ must stock up on dogs ONLY animal shelters.

Bill SB 346-FN would have banned the use of dogs when hunting coyotes.

Bill SB 548-FN would have removed gray squirrels from the definition of game animals.

Bill 577 would have instituted a three-day waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm, with limited exemptions.

Even though the 2024 legislative session is over, the Government Affairs (GA) team will continue to monitor activity across the Granite State. You never know when issues may arise that sportsmen and women need to be aware of. You can also view bills the GA team has been monitoring on our interactive map.

Please share this message with your family and friends as sportsmen across the state must continue to be actively involved in defending our hunting, fishing and trapping heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.

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