Josh Peck Reveals His Past Struggles With Addiction During ‘Drake & Josh’ Era

Josh Peck Reveals His Past Struggles With Addiction During ‘Drake & Josh’ Era

Josh Peck Reveals His Past Struggles With Addiction in Latest Episode of His Podcast

Josh Peck, known for his role on the hit Nickelodeon series “Drake & Josh,” recently opened up about his past struggles with addiction during a candid discussion on his podcast “Good Guys.” The former child star, now 37, reflected on his turbulent years, revealing that while he wasn’t constantly abusing drugs while the show was on, his substance use escalated significantly toward the end.

Peck’s conversation with comedian Mrs. Pat was both humorous and honest. Joking about his experiences, Peck said he was “on everything but skates,” a sentiment that Mrs. Pat humorously echoed, expressing disbelief that her children were watching him on TV and not knowing he was using drugs. “You mean all this time my kids were looking at your little round ass, you were high?” she exclaimed. Peck clarified that his drug addiction became particularly severe during the third and fourth seasons of “Drake & Josh.”

This isn’t the first time Peck has spoken about his struggles. Last year, on an episode of “Canceled with Tana Mongeau,” he explained how his issues intensified after he lost weight at age 17, just as he started working on the show. Peck explained that he felt immense pressure to fit in and “catch up” with his peers, which led him to experiment with drugs. While he achieved his weight-loss goal, he realized it wasn’t addressing his underlying issues.

“I lost all that weight, but I was the same head in a different body,” Josh Peck said. “I thought, ‘I’ve reached the finish line. I’ve done it. Now I don’t have to worry about anything.’ But it didn’t work out that way at all.” He continued, “Pretty soon, I was still plagued by the same thoughts and issues that had plagued me my whole life—daddy issues, etc. I remember thinking, ‘Why would anyone want to feel any other way than that?’ And I took that deep breath that I had been searching for my whole life. Suddenly, I felt free.”

Josh Peck has described his first drug experience at age 17 as “the most insidious and corrosive moment of my life.” The initial euphoria gave him a sense of charm and confidence, but it was only a temporary escape that led to a deeper descent into drug addiction. Fortunately, his journey with addiction was relatively short. By age 21, Peck had committed to staying sober, a commitment he maintained despite a few “near misses” in the years that followed.

During the podcast, Pat also discussed her own family’s struggles with addiction, which helped deepen the conversation. She revealed that her sister has struggled with crack addiction for years, which is a stark reminder of how drug addiction can affect individuals and their loved ones.

“Drake & Josh,” which premiered in January 2004 and ended in September 2007 with a finale film in December 2008, played a significant role in Peck’s early career. The success of the series and his subsequent fame did not shield him from personal struggles, but Peck’s openness about his past offers a powerful tale of resilience and healing.

Today, Josh Peck continues to thrive, having overcome his addiction and stayed sober. His story is an inspiration to many, highlighting the importance of facing your demons and seeking help. Peck’s journey from a troubled youth to a sober and successful adult is a testament to his strength and determination.

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