Tesco shoplifter gets instant punishment after daylight robbery

Tesco shoplifter gets instant punishment after daylight robbery

A Tesco shoplifter has been given an immediate dose of karma after committing a daytime robbery.

Two thieves broke into the tills of a Tesco Express store in Wanstead, London, where they loaded their bags with alcohol and tobacco.

Brave employees, customers and security guards tried to thwart the two crooks, dressed in black, by trapping them in the store.

One of the thieves managed to escape without incident, but the other was not so lucky.

Tesco Express store in Wanstead, London

The incident took place at a store in Wanstead, London.

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The second shoplifter struggled to get back from behind the registers, and an employee tried to barricade him with boxes of produce.

He sneaked into the store and was greeted by a crowd of shoppers, Tesco staff and bodyguards, who surrounded him. Meanwhile, the store’s automatic doors were closed.

He tried to open the doors, but the crowd held him back. In the scuffle, he dropped his bag with the stolen cargo, and the bottles shattered on the ground.

The shoplifter eventually managed to force the doors and escape, but not before recovering his back along with the stolen items.


However, the thief soon got his revenge when he was hit by a car while fleeing.

As quickly as he was hit, he rushed and left the scene with his accomplice.

The London Ambulance Service has no record of a team being sent to the scene on Sunday when the incident happened.

The Metropolitan Police and Tesco have been contacted for comment.

To address an increase in shoplifting incidents last month Tesco has unveiled a 4ft smoke device In some stores, this should “deter thieves” from raiding stores.

Police officersIt comes as shoplifting and attacks on shop workers have increased across Britain.Getty

If the motion detectors are activated, dense smoke spreads and fills the room, making it difficult to steal items.

A message appears on the front of the device: “Warning: You are being watched. Security smoke screen in operation.”

Tesco stressed that these units are not new and there are no plans to roll them out to all stores.

It comes as shoplifting and assaults on shop workers have increased across Britain. The latest figures, published in February, show that 1,300 incidents of violence and abuse take place every day.

According to a report by the British Retail Consortium, incidents of violence and abuse in shopping centres increased by 65% ​​between 2021-22 and 2022-23.