Şengal tribes reject Turkish attacks on Southern Kurdistan, criticize Iraqi authorities

Şengal tribes reject Turkish attacks on Southern Kurdistan, criticize Iraqi authorities

The Şengal tribal organization issued a statement today expressing its position on the Turkish attacks on the Medya defense areas and other various areas of South Kurdistan, affirming its firm stance against the Turkish occupation. The statement reads:

“The Turkish occupation state continues its systematic attacks on the people and infrastructure of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, targeting villages and towns to empty them, burn them and terrorize the peaceful residents, forcing them to leave their homes and turning the region into a military zone under pretexts and lies that fool no one. We are well aware that the fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party are those who fought terrorism and ISIS at a time when Turkey supported them. Everything the Turkish occupation state does is aimed at undermining the people of Iraq in general and the Kurds in particular, with the aim of annexing and occupying these areas later.

These brutal attacks are considered war crimes that harm humanity. They have caused many civilian casualties and considerable environmental destruction in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. All this is happening with the complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the silence of the Baghdad government, under the watchful eye of the international community, the United States and the international coalition, which remain strangely silent about the crimes of the Turkish occupation state.

We, the honest sheikhs, tribes and notables of Iraq, reject these systematic attacks and call on the international community, the Baghdad government and the Iraqi parliament to assume their humanitarian, moral and legal responsibilities in the face of these inhuman crimes and to put an end to these continuous attacks by the Turkish occupation state.

We affirm the need for the international community and the Baghdad government to take the necessary measures to prevent this barbaric attack on our territory and people. We are ready to defend the sovereignty of Iraq, contrary to what the Turkish occupation state thinks about demographic change and the plundering of the resources of greater Iraq.

As honest tribes, sheikhs and notables of Iraq, we also affirm our solidarity with the cries of our people in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq who reject the Turkish occupation. We stand in solidarity with them to emphasize that everything the Turkish occupation state does is a crime that will only increase our determination to protect the sovereignty of Iraq, both over the territory and over the people. Our goal is to make Iraq an oasis and welcome everyone, from north to south and from east to west, so that Iraq can truly become a federal democratic republic.